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The Fasist
03-03-2003, 01:50 PM
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The Fasist
Yes, as you all very well know and have felt on your skin (even can you be one of these), the Web is full of people unworthy the word "player". They are rats. And too many of them there are.

This is why this Forum is standing for. Because of the corruption of the onlinegames. There is no longer a safe place on the net, everyone's a backstabber in heart, no-one is one with his character nor does anyone take serious the fact, that he is losing a slice of his/her very life to the game he/she is playing. This leads into corruption, and fills the web with players of the name like "XXXKILLER#$%&XXX". Do I sound like a fasist, to say, that people, who cannot deal with playing for real do not deserve the value of the artform? The way of living.

And If this is not horrible enough, the next most horrifying thing is, that everything unfashionable seem to get less pested by these rats. LoL-rats. Does the age of a game CAUSE the opinion of these less-braineds?

So, basicly the bottomline seems to be, do You, dear fellowplayers, think, that gaming isn't supposed to be shared with everyone? And what do you think of this fashionsearch of the wretch-kin?

In your great wisom combined I leave the answering.

-The Sense of Mana
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03-03-2003, 03:02 PM
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The Fasist
[Image: huh.gif]

I take it that you have just recently been subjected to about 30ccs of D1 and have been driven to distraction by the sheer amount of chicanery, cheating, bastards, idiots, scum, villains, and future lawyers that occurs day in and day out.

Well, I'll admit that I myself was once like yourself, as were many others. Until we developed the axiom "#$%& happens, and moreso if you're regular."

There are idiots. There will always be idiots.

There will be idiots who will ruin your day, be it by any means including auto-kill and pop right next to the stairs of Hell with Rustweaver stomping over. There will be idiots who will join poorly-passworded games and steal your items that you've stored up in town. There will be idiots who peddle GPoWs, Dreamflange sets, Thinking Cap swords, and God knows what else, all under the sweet, pure premise of helping out a newbie.

Then again, there will always be idiots.

There will be idiots who join a low-level game at clvl 1, then follow the players down to church before forgetting that they haven't used their trainer to boost them up to clvl 50, and then use the trainer to boost themselves up to clvl 50 while in the dungeon and while I- uh, someone whales on them with nothing more than a Gris-bought dagger. There will always be idiots who, in retaliation for a non-existent PK attempt, will act hostile towards you and be forced to suck down several large, steamy, hot balls of fire until they get the point. There will always be idiots who, after sucking down several large steamy, hot balls of fire will not recognise you as you join another game they happen to be in, even after you toss down their ear and say "hello again." There will be idiots who can't even get by the legendary Adria trap, or even worse the Wirt trap (Especially when there is a way out just behind them. "Move plz."). There are idiots who still believe in the Cow Level, and will spend hours in a public game clicking the bovine Bessies while other players in the game lay down bets on how long the idiot will continue to do so.

In Hellfire, you need to add a command to the program to guarantee the appearance of a lunatic in the game. With, all you need to do is to join a random game. It'll happen.

But, no matter which way you slice it, these morons don't deserve our contempt. They, at most, deserve our jeers. It can be fun to play mindgames. On occassions more fun than playing the actual damn game. I'll admit it's not an exactly wholesome method of playing, but in the current environment we must get our kicks where we can.

All, or at worst most, of us here are legit. Not all of us have been legit all the time, many of us can cite "grey periods" of our life (Hell, I know I can) but in the end if you go around feeling nothing but angst towards them 24/7. It's too much to expect legit play in pubbies, but it does exist - You just have to take a helluva lot of rough with the smooth.

Get some trusted friends. Play private games to accomplish gameplay goals, and maybe drop by pubbies just for amusement. Who knows, if you're a smart negotiator then it is wholly possible to turn an illegit player fully legit, but I wouldn't exactly count on it happening.

Have fun. That's really all any of us want out of the game.

When in mortal danger,
When beset by doubt,
Run in little circles,
Wave your arms and shout.

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