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Horned Demons, Charging, & Durability Loss
02-10-2004, 03:24 AM
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Horned Demons, Charging, & Durability Loss
Just some minutiae here, which I simply had never realized before -- doggone if yah don't learn something new every time you play.

I had a Monk down in Caves doing a Single Player Ironman. Ended up with many kinds of Horned Demons on several of the levels.

Now since the Monk can't repair gear and you aren't allowed to visit Griswold (Ironman rules), durability of ALL items is a constant concern. Ah, and Church and Cats were done and there were no Religious Shrines located.

First Horned Demon that charges my Monk smacks him and knocks him back, and after killing the beast I check my Monk's armor (Arkaine's Valor). Sure enough, it's lost it's first dur point, doggonit!

Then I check my life points. Hey! I only got hit for 11 damage! I'm a level 17 character. That wasn't enough points to 'stun me due to damage', and so I shouldn't have lost a dur point!

Or so I thought.

The next time a Horned one gets a change to charge me, this time I BLOCK the attack, take NO DAMAGE whatsoever, and still -- get this -- my ARMOR loses durability!

Wait a minute! I BLOCKED IT! At worst, shouldn't the SHIELD lose durability?

Final one was this. My Monk's back was against a wall, the beast charged, I got hit, blocked it, took no damage, was not knocked back on the screen (but the avatar was put into hit recovery animation) -- and STILL the body armor lost durability!

I thought that you lost dur when you got stunned, and you got stunned when you took a certain amount of damage. But rather it appears that you'll lose durability when you go into hit recovery, and Horned Demon attacks will do that REGARDLESS of what damage they actually do, even when you BLOCK the attack and take no damage whatsoever! (I would suppose Blighthorn Steelmace and his crew would also.)

And yes, I saw in Jarulf's:
“Horned Demons and other monsters that get the special charge ability (unique monsters and their party) will automatically put a target into hit recovery upon hit and will also knock back the target.”(6.1.7)

But I find it an interesting "feature" that this attack, beyond putting you in hit recovery and knocking you back, also decreases the durability of worn armors and this durability loss cannot be blocked using shields, even if you block the attack!!!

So you don't just lose durability on an item when you get stunning damage, but also ANY time you get put into hit recovery whether you take ANY damage at all!

Eh, curious stuff.


PS Tested it in Multiplayer with my warrior -- same results.
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02-11-2004, 11:20 PM
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Horned Demons, Charging, & Durability Loss
I think it might be that the durability loss is done as part of the code that you end up having doing hit recovery and such due to the charge. So you get it as a "bonus" sort of :)

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