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Rebirth Expansion
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Rebirth Expansion
Quote:pass me a beer thanks again

Based on the grammar in that post, you've already had enough.:P

"What contemptible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch?"

-W.C. Fields
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09-21-2006, 04:30 AM
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Rebirth Expansion
Quote:The twinking is a problem, admittedly, and there's not much that can be done to remedy this. However, it seems a bit hypocritical to complain about a problem while adding to it. I'm sure if you've played D1 legitimately on you've certainly encouraged players not to take GPOTW's and other items. Are you not doing nearly the exact same thing? If you chose to accept the items, then you've just done the equivilant of taking dupes. I haven't accepted any items from others except what I thought to be a fair trade (or in my benefit. -.-). My thief is doing 75-95 damage at level 27, to put in a perspective. By the way, the bow you have (Cat's Wind) is considered "complete equipment," as is the helm (Viking's Helm) by some. I'm rather suprised that a player would give either of these up. Your high offense strategy, which you mentioned earlier in your paragraph about level 16, is mandated by your equipment. With fitting equipment for your level, you would have had a much harder time. If I gave a level 17 sorcerer a 36 charge BSOApoc, would he notice much of a difference between Normal and Hell?

Very true. I first received them when I was in the cats. I took them down just a bit to try them out, but then I put them back into the stash for later. The bow was actually Laurana's Eye, unique long war bow. Around level 24 I found another while clearing level 16 with a sorcerer, so it became a mute point. I also found cat's whiskers which adds 35 to damage as opposed to the 50 from vikings helm. I haven't been to hell difficulty yet, so I don't have a bearing about what damage is appropriate though. I have noted, however, unique enemies has enormous amounts of life, even on normal difficulty. As it is now though, my thief has plenty of killing power for nightmare in hell at clvl 24; she has plenty of room to improve.

I guess the big thing for me isn't really just one aspect. I'm just not motivated to level much more, and I haven't even hit thrity yet. I have thought of some ideas that I'll post on the ReX forums.


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09-21-2006, 11:01 PM
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Rebirth Expansion
You seemed to ignore this post, Knight. I just thought I'd draw attention to it so you can answer, because obviously the balance has been a huge issue for you.
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09-22-2006, 03:43 AM
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Rebirth Expansion
Quote:Hureg has said something along the lines of "I don't think King's should be possible on bows." I again have to wonder if they've tried the mod past the dungeons, because the damage added by the King's suffix is rather negligible, especially when you are trying to kill monsters with something like 3500 life.

I don't think King's should be on bows but that has nothing to do with the reason i didn't bother to continue playing it. Something like that is an easy fix.

Fixing foe balance on the other hand is going to give Labiri a lot of grief because firstly I don't really think he understands it and secondly i'm sure it'll take a lot of work modding wise as well.

If you look at the foe balance of normal d you see beautifully well crafted balance.

Firstly for resistances - Two types of lightning mages and 1 type of lightning/melee foe
- Two types of fire mages and 1 type of fire/melee
- Three types of magic witches and 1 type of magic/melee
Granted this isn't perfect.... counsellors, magistrates and cabalists are all far too easy and one of the obvious problems with playing hell hell over and over again is the weakest to strongest foe types of witches, knights etc, but altering that would probably end the possibility of a tri witch level which i love! (an idea though would be altering the speed of the projectile and i'm not even sure if that's possible)

Then for melee you see a range of foe patterns, all of which have been removed or dummed down from rebirth with the exception of knight movements.
- Drake Movements (always towards you but never in a straight line (very tricky to stun lock with a bow... certainly the hardest foe in the game for a capable and speedy bow rogue - can appear either singularly on doubled on 13 and 14 and the hardest of the type singularly on 15)
- Dog movements (sideways when far away, straighter as they get closer, option to spit from range, fast attack - 13 and 14, everybody who plays fast and low ac knows doggies always have the ability to make things a little interesting)
- Balrog Movements (heavy use of sideways movement, heavy damage load and super speedy hit recovery, 13-15)
- Stormers (Knight movement with slightly added speed (maybe) stopping now and then to let off some lightning streams and fast attack in melee, singularly on 13 and 14)
- Knight movements (4 types of knights in diablo with no chance of being on a level with two types on them... as apposed to rebirth which has a whole heap of slight variations on this "easiest" foe pattern in the game, including i might add the uniques in the laz room and the d room... which basically makes the game a walkthrough for anyone with teleport)

All of which in the right circumstances are capable of giving you grief if you play fast and with low ac.

I'm talking strictly the 4 levels of hell here which is a shame as i see no real reason why you can't remove some doors and walls in dlvls 1-4 and 5-8 and just fill 16 levels on nightmare and hell with really challenging foe mixtures... It seems kinda stupid to me that Labiri redesigned 16 levels and everybody is still always only playing 4 of them.

As for the 3500 life thing... hp doesn't matter if nothing can get anywhere near enough to damage you because you know how to use teleport and everything moves like a dumb knight.

I don't expect Labiri to fix his game's balance, nor do i particularly care... normal d is enough for anyone who's willing to step out of their comfort zone to make things harder on themselves in my opinion. There are some things i could think of that would be good additions to diablo... but i'd much prefer to go without them than sacrifice any of the balance that keeps me coming back to standard d.

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09-27-2006, 03:58 AM
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Rebirth Expansion
Quote:LOL. Charging attack is AI. I learn something new every day.

Strictly speaking, it is. The logic for deciding to charge is built into the AI for the monsters which you typically see charging. This is in contrast to certain other behaviors (most notably, following and opening doors) which are simple flags in the monster data. The latter are trivially changed, while the former is difficult to insert into a new monster (unless you just change its attack type to Charger, which takes away any specials its old attack type might have had).

Quote:(an idea though would be altering the speed of the projectile and i'm not even sure if that's possible)

Not only possible, but probably easier than most of the interesting changes. Just set the star's speed a bit higher when it is created. Watch out for wall-penetrating stars though... Now, if you want the star to change speed while it's in flight, that's not so trivial.:)
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