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2 player LAN-UDP to IP (Hellfire)
05-08-2014, 03:48 AM
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2 player LAN-UDP to IP (Hellfire)
This is my current contribution to the Hellfire community

Instructions For the app.

1: First off you need 2 Computers. Due to a port issue.
2: There is no way around #1.
3: Local IP = IP in which you are running HRTL on, not the APP.
3: Remote IP = IP of your friend you wish to connect to.
4: Due to this proxy needing to listen on 2 separate sockets, you must run it as administrator, and be allowed through the firewall.
5: The app will not run on the default config, you must set it up.

Instructions For Your Friend

1: If they are behind a router open/forward ports 6111 to 6119 to the HRTL computer.
2: Your friend dosent need the app if they are going to be hosting the game.

Installation Instructions
You will probably need to install the .Net Framework 4.0 if you havent allready.

my original posting is here --v

Hellfire was what i had done this for, however its a good chance that it should work for diablo as well.

questions etc in box me im usually around somewhere.
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05-09-2014, 09:09 AM
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RE: 2 player LAN-UDP to IP (Hellfire)
Awesome job DragonKing. I'll be sure to include this app in the next Hellfire Community Mod.

For a new Diablo community go to
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