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looking for couple mods.
02-21-2014, 04:28 AM
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looking for couple mods.
me and my buddy recently started playing hellfire diablo 1.01

while playing we noticed that experience is not sharing, my friend got a pretty good axe and started one shotting things which got him 2 levels ahead, we had to slow our pace down so i can kill stuff but it is ruining the fun.

is there any mods that just add shared experience? all the ones i came across are like total conversion. tried unofficial 1.27 but it added some ridiculous OP items. on level 2 found blue weapon +600000 to hit and +180 percent damage!

also another thing would like is if there is a mod that enables quests when playing over lan(multiplayer basically acts as if playing singleplayer)

currently we are gonna try an older version of the hell that the change-log says it has shared exp but that is still a total conversion but atleast it is suppose to make the game harder not easier.

thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction
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02-21-2014, 10:31 AM
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RE: looking for couple mods.
(02-21-2014 04:28 AM)thysis Wrote:  is there any mods that just add shared experience?
Not that I am aware of, but if you're just looking for shared experience and extra multiplayer quests, from a minimalistic standpoint, Marsh's Unofficial Hellfire Mod brings you both those features (100% Shared Experience while on same floor, Warlord of Blood Quest in MP) among other goodies. Additionally, I released an add-on for his mod which fixes issues like the +65535% To Hit bug (that's a bug with older versions of Diablo, and Hellfire - not a deliberate change of whatever version or mod you tried), and my expansion lets you enable or disable features I added easily, and even turn on and off a few things Marsh's mod changed (note that in my add-on, the Warlord of Blood is disabled by default in MP, so you'll have to crack open the file and edit a line of text in it really fast. It's not hard. Just make sure both of you have the same modified copy of the file when you're done).

While that's the most customizeable package that stays closet to the original Hellfire experience, an old favorite many used for the same reason of sticking close to the original game was Lemming's Hellfire: Fixed.

Both of these mods try to improve the base Hellfire experience rather than radically alter the game, and should be about what you're looking for.

(02-21-2014 04:28 AM)thysis Wrote:  also another thing would like is if there is a mod that enables quests when playing over lan
While enabling all the quests in Multiplayer is actually quite easy, the problem is almost none of them work properly and cause problems in multiplayer games. The only two SP quests that seem to work reasonably well are Warlord of Blood and Zhar the Mad, but I haven't had any luck getting Zhar to appear in MP despite his quest being enabled. Beyond The Hell adding missing quests that the Diablo team never implemented, I'm not sure if they add any SP ones to MP, but they would be your best bet for the most extensive amount of quests in an MP game.

Anyway, I'll spare you some browsing and point you towards information/downloads for the stuff I mentioned. You can use Marsh's mod with or without my extension to it, or use Hellfire: Fixed, but you can't combine them otherwise, so take your pick:

Read about changes in Marsh's Mod:
Read about changes in Hellfire: Fixed:

Download Marsh's Unofficial Hellfire Mod (and my add-on for it, if you wish - read about it at this same link):
Download Hellfire: Fixed:

And, sorry for being so verbose. Smile
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