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Weird crash glitch
02-24-2012, 12:10 AM (This post was last modified: 02-28-2012 09:02 PM by ERayz.)
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Weird crash glitch
Hello guys.

Today I started running into an issue with D1, more specifically my rogue. I think my file has been corrupted in a way that I cannot fill my inventory without crashing the game.

I was buying potions at Adria, then the game crashed to desktop. At first I thought it was due to the hacker player that just joined the game, but no, it happened in the next game too while buying potions.

Then I tried buying another type of potion, crashed again. Then I tried with scrolls instead, crash again. Then I tried with gold, crashed.

I wanted to see if the game would crash even with inventory opened, and it did crash again. I tried filling my inventory with another character, no problem. After that I tried filling the inventory by ending with another inventory slot; changed nothing, I still crash to desktop.

Then I remembered that when I use DiabloGuard or blue scorpio diablo saver, these programs thought I had a ring (drake's/stars 43/9) in the inv 01 slot, while I had nothing in this slot. However Diabloguard thought I was cheating cause I wear the exact same ring. So I tried to overwrite this ring by importing an amulet with Blue Scorpio at inv 01 slot. Now it detects this amulet instead. But I cannot see it in-game. <--- This part of the issue has been occuring for a while, without causing any gameplay problem, but I still think the problem could be related.

On the Tristram website, this amulet does not appear.

I think the problem is that the inv 01 slot appears as full, but the game itself reads it as empty, so when I fill my inventory, it tries to fill a slot 41 or something.

Anybody ever had this issue? Also, anybody got a solution for me?

EDIT: I narrowed down the problem even more. I can fill my inventory, as long as there is at least one item that uses more than one slot. So this means I had this issue for a while, and just never happened to have my inventory filled with only one-slot items. Now, if there was a way to delete wahtever is in my inv 01 slot, even if it requires me to re-write my save file partly, but I do not know what kind of program would allow me to do this.

EDIT2: I found a solution, and it's A LOT simpler than expected. If there is an item detected by your scanner or muling program, but cannot see it in your inventory, you can sell it to Griswold anyways.
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