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Diablo and Me
03-14-2003, 07:55 PM
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Diablo and Me
Yeesh - I'd never played Diablo before - excapet that one ten-minute run I took playing D2. Someone had to fetch me a barf bag at the end of that one, and when the same kid who introduced me to D2 gave me his D1 CD, I almost punched him. He said it was worse that the sequel (sorry, can't spell :blink: ). I didn't believe him - could it get worse? that in itself was enough to make me pop this game into my computer. Low and behold - the best game ever!

I've been playing Diablo for quite some time (well, a couple of weeks) now. At least 4 hours a day - that's a little much, I know, but heck, I'm homeschooled. Who gives a rip! Now gimme that sorcerer. I wanna hunt LAzerus!

...erm, anyways, I've been surfing around the Diablo Community and have noticed that this site seems to be the only active D1 site around. I've also noticed, after visiting this site, that I'm not the only legit player out there (I was beginning to think I was.) Soon after meeting a few legits on bnet, I quickly discovered that my computer will only give me the data for one other player in the game. I've been on a four-play rampage, but from my point of view, there's only two players! and that counts messanging, gaming, ect.

This really gets on my nerves, and I was wonderng if there might be a way to cure this problem. I am using a firewall, but I'm using DSL so I'm always online - thus I must have at least one port open to send/recieve data packages for one other player. Does anyone around here have the knowledge it might take to know at least what's going on? Any help you have will be apreciated. And thanks.

Oh, and a sidenote: my name on Diablo is the same as my name on the boards (Geladrius). If you see me around, feel free to scare me with a few whispers :ph34r:
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