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It is now 2016...
01-10-2016, 02:55 AM
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It is now 2016...
So many great games out there with astounding graphics and wonderful mechanics... why do I still get the urge to play this game? I'm in the process of getting it back up and running and I know it's going to be the same story... I'm going to get a character to level 30 something... beat Diablo once or twice and then go back to playing games that aren't so outdated...

Does anyone struggle with this? The urge to just lose yourself in the Labyrinth underneath Tristram? Why the urge to play -this- incarnation of Diablo... why not Diablo 3? Or 2? Or any of the other Diablo clones out there... why do I want to play this one?

And I guess the most important question of all... does anyone want to start a game up? Lol... should have the game ready to go by tomorrow...
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