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Various Specific Questions
06-02-2015, 04:34 AM (This post was last modified: 06-02-2015 05:47 AM by Quake2Slayer.)
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Various Specific Questions
Hey. There seems to always be some questions about Diablo that pop up as i play, and rarely i can not find the answers even after searching for hours. Just thought i'd keep a thread up instead of creating new ones.

Although i have forgot a lot of them, here are a couple. I'll probably end up bumping this when i remember the rest.

-How is spell damage calculated from staff charges? Does the level of the spell in question affect the staff spell? ex. if my char has a level 3 firebolt, what would happen when i use a staff of firebolt charge? Does class and clvl still affect staff spell damage like with normal spells?

-Anyone have experience with auto-clickers? I'm trying to find the lowest possible click rate that still causes a warrior to swing as fast as possible. (my job messes my hands up proper, otherwise i'd just do it the old school way)

-Is there an active Diablo IRC chat (LL related or otherwise)? Does anyone still pop into servers or is it mostly tcp/ip?

That is all for now. Thanks in advance.

Just remembered a couple more.

-If there are a bunch of items dropped on tiles surrounding an enemy, is there any way an item will not drop from said enemy? Ex : if you were to slay every skele in the doorway of the chamber of bone and items are dropping far away because there is not enough space, will it ever get to the point where they spawn out of reach? (or fail to drop)

-Does cracking barrels lower item durability?
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