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Strange bug in Multiplayer: can't pick some items of loot
11-20-2014, 03:28 AM (This post was last modified: 11-20-2014 03:30 AM by Predator.)
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Strange bug in Multiplayer: can't pick some items of loot
Hello to everyone, and first of all, I want to say that this website is awesome, I'm very glad to see other people that still enjoing with Diablo and Hellfire game and doing possible to continue playing.

I'm playing with the Hellfire v1.02.A4 by UDP and Hamachi with my cousin (he's the host). The game in general works great, but, sometimes, it happens a strange bug.

Sometimes I can see ítems in floor that he can't see, but I can't pick them, when I try it, the item keeps in floor and some seconds after it disappears. At the same time, happens that he can see items that I can't see too, but he can pick them without problems.

For more details, everytime I join his game I see the message "XXX is already in game" (where "XXX" is the name of his character) but the games continues and nothing happens. And often it appears too a message saying that has been detected a duplicated item.

An example of all this: when we pick the cow quest, after talk the Complete nut farmer, I see the bomb rune (to open the Nest) dropping, but I can't pick it, and it dissapear; my cousin doesn't see it. Then, if he talk to the farmer, he gets the rune bomb without problem (but I can't see it when it gets dropped).

Finally, when we find the Teodore bear, or the Brown suit, I can't pick them, if I click on the items nothing happens, and my cousin can; so, only him can complete the quest and get the award.

Does someone know this error? Is a known bug or maybe is just my problem?

Greetings and thanks for all your help and your attention, and sorry my mistakes while typing (I'm not english).
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