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Hellfire v1.05
03-31-2014, 07:39 AM
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Hellfire v1.05
If you're still looking for a pure Hellfire experience with all the bug and animation fixes that have come out since Hellfire was released then Hellfire v1.05 is for you. It doesn't change the core mechanics besides a couple core changes to prevent negative experiences. It contains all the files you need except DIABDAT.MPQ, simply copy from your CD into the extraction location and right click and run 'loader.exe' as administrator to begin.

The game contains the following:

Hellfire v.101
Marsh's Hellfire v1.02 patch
Belix Hellfire v1.02A3 patch
Belix animation fix v1.1 add-on
Blankname DirectX Colour Fix v1.04
Adria's Shack moved to replace the empty house by the portal
Ulmo's Gillian Stash
Diablo Clicker

Download this complete package from the Khanduras Network.

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