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Hellfire Patch v1.02.A5: Classic HF with less bugs and more polish!
11-14-2014, 07:14 PM
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RE: Hellfire Patch v1.02.A4: Classic HF with less bugs and more polish!
I'm not sure exactly what you're asking about. I will assume you are aware some monsters in the game (especially later) are Fire Immune and can stroll through Fire Walls casually, and will guess you're asking about why all enemies can walk right through Walls cast directly, East, South or West of your character.

If so, you're asking about a really old quirk with Diablo that stems from the grid used by the game engine. Although you can't see it on your screen, every object, character and piece of level structure in the game is laid out on a grid like this:

[Image: 6d89bcd782b67e3646835d5fb4bc23.png]

When you cast a Wall spell diagonally from your character, e.g. towards a corner of the screen, it stretches out to form a solid wall that fills every square in its row neatly. But when cast in a straight direction, it crosses between the corners of squares, leaving crossable gaps where other characters can walk between the flames unharmed.

There's no simple way to fix that. Ideally walls cast in these directions would be shorter and wider to fill the gaps, but without Diablo's source code that's far above my ability to implement at the moment.

Try to cast all your Walls so that they form diagonal rows on the screen. It takes a little practice, but you'll get the hang of it, and only Fire Immune enemies will waltz through them. If you really need one that isn't diagonal, practice casting two walls in slightly different positions so you get 2 rows thick, leaving no gaps.

Alternatively, a new spell added in Hellfire, Ring of Fire, creates a Fire Wall in a circle around you which doesn't have any gaps. If you have Teleport, you can easily move outside of it away from foes after casting it.
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