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Hellfire Patch v1.02.A5: Classic HF with less bugs and more polish!
04-17-2014, 09:17 AM (This post was last modified: 04-28-2014 07:36 AM by Belix.)
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RE: Hellfire v1.02.A3 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod
I am nearing the release of v1.02.A4. It addresses over 10 more issues with Hellfire/Marsh's Mod. I hope to have it out within two weeks at the very latest. I am very happy with it so far, but I need to finish a few features and spend more quality assurance time with it. See you soon!

EDIT: Just wanted to deposit a note here. Version A4 has become much larger than I intended. I will be spending extra time playing through the game from start to finish with all of these new bug fixes and features in place in an effort to be as certain as possible this version doesn't introduce any new problems, since one has snuck past me in each previous update.

That said, I've found a problem that exists in version A3 that is my fault that should be corrected in A4: In multiplayer games, the durability of an item can be transmitted incorrectly when exchanging it between players. This is due to a mistake I made in the code changes to prevent items exchanged between players from having overflow bugs (negative armor class becomes positive, etc.), which itself worked but fetched incorrect durability info.

Because this problem can negatively impact gameplay (strengthening items significantly, free repairs, or breaking items by setting them to 0/0 dur), I am offering the change to the mod file necessary to fix this issue to all of you immediately so you don't have to wait for A4. It will, sadly, only prevent the bug and not 'fix' the durability of an item already affected.

The fix: If you are playing multiplayer games with v1.02.A3, insert this new code at the top of your .dat file and save it:[/b]
start HF1.01 "Prevent negative values on items becoming positive - Multiplayer Origin"
00422878 8888E26368008B4D48 E9FB32060090909090
00485B78 050505050505050505050505050505 8888E26368000FBE4D48E9FACCF9FF

Apologies again for the occasional new problem that I miss; this work is quite complicated and I'm still relatively new at it. I do hope the next version will make up for it! Smile
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