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Hellfire Patch v1.02.A5: Classic HF with less bugs and more polish!
12-16-2013, 10:35 AM (This post was last modified: 03-19-2016 09:01 AM by Belix.)
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Hellfire Patch v1.02.A5: Classic HF with less bugs and more polish!
Hellfire v1.02.A5 - an Unofficial Update for Hellfire

NOTE: This update currently requires Marsh's Unofficial Hellfire Mod v1.02 [download mirrors for it are at the bottom of this post]. I apologize for the couple extra steps you have to take to use v1.02.A5. Instructions for the installation and usage of both Marsh's Mod are contained in the documentation, in both summarized and detailed form. Please review these instructions, as you'll currently have to do a little more than just extract the files into your Hellfire folder! If you're impatient, click here to skip directly to these instructions after you download the update.

Links (all hosted here on the Lounge):

Backup mirror in case Attachment breaks:

Contained herein is my update project for Hellfire. Its simple goal is to make Hellfire better without radically altering it or using any sounds or graphics from any other games. If you're looking for a Hellfire mod that adds new spells, monsters, graphics and so forth, you'll want to look elsewhere and check out stuff like The Hell, or The Dark.

If, however, you enjoy Hellfire largely the way it is, you should appreciate this update. Read on.

What it does:
• Fixes various bugs with the game
• Improves issues that aren't bugs, but are undesirable
• Tweaks a few things for player convenience
• Customizable (if you're comfortable with a text editor)
• 100% Pure Diablo & Hellfire: No audio or graphics from other games will ever be used in this project

• Many combat bugs (blocking, ranged attacks, bow affixes) fixed
• Anything that permanently damaged your character in a way that couldn't be restored (e.g. Max Life, Max Mana) has been fixed or disabled
• Improvements to Multiplayer (shared experience, see others on map)
• Most screechy/loud Hellfire sounds replaced with sounds (sometimes unused extras) from the original game

You can peruse the complete, most up-to-date list of fixes, changes and features included in this project here on the Lurker Lounge at the link at the top of this post. This documentation is also included in the download for your convenience, but may be not be as current as the one here on the website.

The customization aspect of this project is not as simple yet as I would like it to be - the file in each new version will essentially reset any features you turned on or off, and I'd like it if turning said features on or off was even easier than editing a text file to, but I am considering investing a significant amount of time to improve on this in a future version.

I hold my work to high standards and try my best not to break anything in the game. If you encounter a serious issue, please report it! If it is the fault of my work, I will make every effort to issue a fix or updated version ASAP!

I hope that this project makes Hellfire more enjoyable for you.

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(2) working mirrors for Marsh's Unofficial Hellfire v1.02 mod as of 3/19/2016:

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