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Best items you've found in strange places?
12-12-2013, 02:44 AM
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Best items you've found in strange places?
I'm curious what fine treasures you've discovered from unexpected sources. Basically from anything but monsters or the shops in town. Over your years playing Diablo, what were the best finds you can remember?

I still remember two unexpected treasure finds distinctly after all these years.

The first was about 6 months after I first started playing Diablo, I entered the first floor of Hell with a Warrior to find a bunch of barrels adjacent to the stairs I had just descended. Busted them open and found a magic Long Sword, and on a whim I decided to go ask Cain what it was since I was so close. It turned out to be a King's Long Sword of Blood - roughly 97% to hit and 171%, though it's been so long the numbers are likely off somewhat. But I remember them being nearly as high as possible. Add the 5% life steal and it was an amazing find from a barrel for an early 20's Warrior. Big Grin

The second was about three years ago. I was playing with a friend when a unique Long Battle Bow dropped off a Decapitated Body in Hell. I recognized it by its look and Indestructible property without needing to ID it; the Eaglehorn. This made my Rogue friend very happy because they had a clumsy habit of breaking bows - I think they'd gone through about 3 of them up to that point. Haha. Needless to say this bow persevered.

I'm sure someone out there has hit better jackpots than I, though.
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