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take Diablo for 500
09-28-2003, 07:27 PM
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take Diablo for 500
It's time again to resurface that classic post of Barngrille, answering a Quiz by Jarulf.

Date:Alex, I'll c....
Tue Mar 17 10:46 AM

Ok, this is a great quiz, no doubt about that. Why? 'Cause I have
no clue as to most of the answers. Therefore, following my policy of
"when in doubt, sarcasm," here are some good-natured, no-
offense-intended answers.

On Tue Mar 17 7:22 AM, Jarulf wrote:
> I had nothing better to do

Yeah, don't we all....

> The questions can easilly be answered with any guide or tables over
> the game

Cheat? Inconceivable!!!

> 1. Everyone knows which monsters are tripple immunes. But what about
> bosses. Which ones are? What about the Obsidian Lord Boss?

No idea. I just kill them and look for the loot. Sorry. Why did
you start me off with this one, anyway? Geeeez, need quiz
confidence. I'm sure I'll do better on the other questions, just
gimme a chance. :)

> 2. One monster accually looses a immunity on hell difficulty
> (compared to normal and nightmare), which one?

Smiley Guy? :)

> 3. Upon facing Poison Spitters and Pit Beasts, what resistance would
> you judge (if any) to be of most use? What about if you face Lava
> Maws instead?

Magic Resistance for all of them. But hey, assuming you don't have
that, then naked pictures of Ernest Borgnine might do the trick.

> 4. As a mage you work your way through caves and suddenly see hordes
> of Blood Claws comming your way. What spell do you use on them?

Lightning, preferably greased. Salt Water Enema spell does wonders

> 5. Some unique monsters have the ability to dissapear. How many are
> they? What type are they? And where do you encounter them?

One. Bill Clinton. Washington, D.C.

> 6. What immunities and resistances does Lazarus have?

Lazarus must be immune to the effects of the Ugly Stick he was hit
with as a child, because why such a dog-butt-ugly dude could attract
a room full of hot chicks to hang out with him day after day is
beyond me.

> 7. Zhar the Mad is an unique monster that can be found on level 8.
> What type (and subtype) of monster is he?

Goatboy. No wait, Jumbo Smurf, yah.

> 8. There are three unigue monsters of the winged fiend type. Name two
> of them.

The Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria.

> 9. Wich protects the most against lightning, jade or lapis?

I can't answer yet, still trying to figure out what "Wich"
means.... :)

> 10. How many unique axes are there? How many can you name? (extra
> points if you know what type they are :) )

The Messerschmidt 109 is a pretty good one, isn't it? Um, then
there's that Executioner thing. Oh, and that Butcher Guy has one,
isn't it "Sam the Butcher from the Brady Bunch Cleaver" ??

> 11. Which weapon type do you swing the fastest, swords or clubs?

I swing really fast in clubs, because I have cool cologne and a
snazzy sportcoat. Don't bring your Mage friends along, they wear too
much pink and will ruin the look you're tryin' to throw down....

> 12. Asume a level 40 warrior, healing spell at level 15 and he has
> 500 life. What (on average) would heal him the most, a potion of
> healing or a scroll of healing?

The same? I don't know. I'd get out my ruler and smack that guy for
bothering with either one. Because either (a) he *bought* it and has
no excuse for doing so, or (B) he is down to his last points with
nothing else... in that case, get it over with and die.

Safety Tip: don't play with Warriors who know the answer to this
question... :)

> 13. You are playing Ironman (one warrior, one rogue and one sorcerer)
> and need to use Heal Other (you don't have any healing nor any mana
> potions left). All have the same spell leveles and the same character
> level. Which of those characters are best at casting Heal Other. That
> is which one will on average heal the most.

The same?

> 14. Which item would give the higherst damage boost to level 30 rogue
> with maxed stats. Ring of moon, ring of might or ring of accuracy?

Ring of Accurate Mighty Moon. Verrrry nice when Rogues use those....

> 15. You are a warrior and want to max magic to read a spell book.
> Wich item would you prefer, spider's ring of the stars or a sword of
> mind? What if you are a rogue?

Damn, there's that "Wich" again. You talkin' about Adria?
I'll take the Spider's Ring because that sounds alot cooler.

> 16. Wich prefix gives the highest damage, master's or savage?

Savage... see "sounds cooler" reasoning above.

> 17. Lightning can be both a prefix and suffix. Are there any other
> attribute that can be that too? What is the difference (if any) when
> Lighting is a prefix and when it is a suffix?

Beginning to lose interest.

> 18. What, non spell carrying, staff would be the most expensive in
> the game?

Yep... losing interest.

> 19. Which is most expensive, an amulet or a ring (asume identical
> stats)?

Can I go now?

> 20. You are suddenly faced by a Cryptic Shrine. What does it do?

God, I just scolled down and there are FORTY of these... GEEZ! You
really don't have anything to do, do ya. :)

> 21. It is commonly known that King's have a lower level than
> Champion's. But are they also cheaper?

Ok, I'm going to edit out the one's I don't like. Maybe this will
> 24. The Veil of Steel is a very good Unique helm in single player.
> Does it have any drawbacks? If so which one(s)?

Light radius attracts the monsters like mad. Also, people can refer
to you as, "Hey, Horny Head!" and get away with it.

> 25. How much life does the undead crown really steal?

Unlimited amount, theoretically. :)

> 26. What three unique items have the special ability of doing extra
> damage to demons?

The Two by Four with a Nail Through It
The Tire Iron of Doom
The Comfy Chair

> 27. Which of the following suffixes can not be found on jewlery?
> Absorbtion, mammoth, mithril and thorns.

Mamoth? Too big to fit on a jewelry.

> 28. You play a newbie warrior (still only have initial stats and no
> items. You know no spells) and are in chat mode on bnet and someone
> asks you if you need any books. What books would you be able to read
> with your present magic?

None. They would go kill me and laugh. I will SMOOSH them for that!
Later someday I guess. Sadly, I am just a newbie warrior. :)

> 29. Someone gives you a staff of Nova. How much magic do you need to
> use it?

255? Ya ought to if not. Why the heck not? No one uses this, do
they? Do they have that?

> 30. Which item would be most expensive, a composite staff or a
> quarter staff?

Composite, because... hey, it's Composite, man.

> 31. Is the Skeleton King immune to any magic?

Noper. Oh wait, maybe fire. It's been a long time since I changed
tactics on him and tried things that don't work.

> 32. What are the level requirements to enter the catacombs, the caves
> and hell?

5, 12, and 17?

There is a sign in front of each...
"You must be 42" tall to enter the Catacombs."
"You must be 48" tall to enter the Caves."
"You must be 52" tall and accompanied by your mother, or
VanDamned, to enter Hell."

> 33. You have found the follwing three books but can only take one
> with you. You don't need any of them and want to sell the most
> expensive one. Which one is it? Book of Mana Shield, book of Golem or
> book of Bone Spirit?

Oooh OOOOH *raises hand like Horshack* I know this one!!! Bone

> 34. You have been looking for a shield of absorption for ages, but is
> it really possible to find such a shield?

If you try hard enough, most anything is possible. How 'bout
Raymond's trainer? :)

> 35. You are item hunting and want as good items as possible. On a
> level you find Balrogs and Snow Witches. Which of them do you suspect
> will drop the best itmes (on average)?

Seems like the broads would have the top-flight goods to me.

> 36. One of the folowing monster types does not have a boss, which
> one? Gloom, Gargoyle and Pit Beast.

Man, I envy them... sure would be nice to work for yourself and be
your own boss....

> 40. After a long search you finally find another book of Guardian.
> Will the damage go up when you read the book? Are there any other
> effects of reading the book apart from costing less mana?

It will last longer.

> I tried to judge how easy it would be to answer the questions above
> and came up with the following. Hopefully not too wrong.
> 1-10 correct answers: You are still a newbie but are learning.
> 11-20 correct answers: You have obviously played quite a lot but
> still have much to learn.
> 21-30 correct answers: You knows your ways arround most of Diablo and
> for a newbie you seem to know everything that there can possibly be
> to know.
> 31-35 correct answers: You are an expert and truely knows a lot about
> Diablo. Even good players seek your advice.
> 36-40 correct answers: You are a living encyclopedia of Diablo

Wait, what about a category for ZERO answers right? I mean hey, we
little people who don't pay attention need a category too!

Yeah, sure, my answers have lots of incorrect information in them,
but hey, it's not my fault if you didn't ask a question that required
the answer, "A Duck!"....

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