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Diablo: Remastered (MOD) - Poseidon - 10-12-2017 03:05 PM

Hello everyone.

I've been aware of this place's existence for years, but somehow, never really ended up here until now. Wow... I now realize I should have.

You might have heard my name mentioned once recently, in the post about the Diablo Discord, which I still invite you to take part in. There's always at least 20 people online and occasionally we do organize games, even though usually for The Hell Mod. Oh that's right, I'm Poseidon The Hell Mod Community Manager for a lack of a better term Big Grin

In any case, I'm here for something completely different. For the last ~2 months I have taken up to streaming Diablo Ironman runs (both standard and lock-in), using the patch 2.0.1 which runs great with It certainly makes things easier, but I still wish things could be better.

And once I heard there will be no Diablo announcements this year at Blizzcon, I thought "Why not start up a Diablo: Remastered (MOD) project?". So I did (barely).

I wrote up a concept and made a poll to gauge interest on The Hell Forums: This subsection of the forum is completely open and requires no registration. Feel free to stop by and vote, and post if you wish. Of course, you can do so here as well, I will keep an eye out.

Browsing through some other threads here, I'd be interested to know if and how I can get in touch with: people responsible for Freeablo, people who did Khanduras, the person who DiabloFixed (his blog and googlesite have 0 contact information), and generally anyone willing to participate in such a project.

Thanks for listening/reading and I hope to hear from your guys soon Smile

RE: Diablo: Remastered (MOD) - FireIceTalon - 10-12-2017 03:52 PM

Welcome. I would certainly love to see a remaster of this great game some day. Blizz did a SC remaster of course, and it seems they are working on a D2 one now, but no love for D1 Sad It's probably up to us fanatics and cult fans to make such a thing happen.

Looking at the Basic Features section in the link you provided, most of it looks good. There are a couple things in the 'bug fixes' section though that I (and anyone else who played high end PvP in the past) would take issue with: elimination of the horizontal walk feature and fire/lightning arrow glitch. While controversial as most quirks in this game are, I believe these two things to NOT be bugs, and were fully intentional by the developers as part of Diablo's tactical, tile-based system (in both PvP and PvM). Either way, horizontal walk is a very important mechanic for melee chars in PvP (and PvM to a lesser extent) - if this were removed it would become virtually impossible for warriors (or any melee char) to beat a ranged character in duels. While the use of excessive horizontal walk is generally frowned upon in PvP, it is a necessary mechanic to make ranged vs. melee a reasonably balanced duel. Else, ranged chars would have a completely overwhelming and unfair advantage - especially since D1 PvP is very lag/desync dependent. This also applies to ranged vs ranged to some degree.

The fire/lightning damage glitch on bows is even more controversial, and many discussions were had back in the day regarding if this mechanic was intended or not by the developers. We will likely never know, but be as it may, I think it should remain. It isn't a mechanic that always happens, it only works from certain tiles and angles, but its presence nevertheless makes things interesting in both PvM and PvP - but especially the latter. While not absolutely necessary like horizontal walk, I think these bows as they are add an interesting tactical dynamic and risk element to the game, and if this feature were removed, it would make using these bows much less fun and interesting. Having to face them, would also be less interesting. It is quite the rush as a warrior to face a good rogue that is wielding one of these nasty critters in her hands :-) I've been on both ends of these arrows many, many times, and would strongly object to reducing their potential to a shadow of what it once was.

Everything else though - mana shield bug, double casting on negative mana, the dupe bug, etc would be better off gone. Double arrow bug probably needs to go also.

RE: Diablo: Remastered (MOD) - Sir Krist - 10-14-2017 06:55 AM

Posiden, do you have a skype or preferred method of contacting you ?

RE: Diablo: Remastered (MOD) - Poseidon - 10-14-2017 07:56 AM

(10-14-2017 06:55 AM)Sir Krist Wrote:  Posiden, do you have a skype or preferred method of contacting you ?

I do have a Skype I can PM to you or you can join our Diablo-themed Discord server. You can find the invite link in another post on this forum made by zebluk.

I want to thank everyone who have already taken interest in this project and voted in the poll!

EDIT: I just noticed you're on there, so maybe get the Desktop/Mobile App, it can silently run in the background and easily get in touch ^^