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New PvP variant - "Halls of the Blind" - FireIceTalon - 05-02-2016 07:27 PM

Hello, been awhile.

With high end PvP fully revolutionized and practically nailed down to a science, a friend of mine (LegitLegionLeader aka Majk) came up with the idea to try a new way of playing the art of PvP in the game of Diablo.

This new variant, called Halls of the Blind, involves players using -80% light radius when dueling eachother! This creates a very suspenseful, exciting and intense atmosphere, where you never know what can happen next! I've only been playing this variant for a day and its already addicting.

Although it is still in development, here are the basic rules for now, though much of this is subject to change as we learn more:

-For now, players may use the Rogue class only.

-no potions allowed, except to fill both globes before a duel begins. You may not use any potions whatsoever during the duel.

-strict spell rules: The only spells you may use are Healing, Teleport, Phase, Bone Spirit, Golem, and Guardian. Because all players are always on 0 resists with the current rules, spells such as Fireball, Fire wall, Flash, etc are strictly prohibited. This may change over time, as we develop the variant further.

Gear rules: This is also under development and will surely expand, but for now players use the following:

Helm: Gotterdamerung
Armor: Nightscape
Bow: Flamedart
Jewelry: open, though Dragons Zodiac seems the best option as in normal PvP using Rogue.

The reason for Flamedart is this can be used as a "torch" for illuminating opponents location, and has relatively low dmg though in the hands of lvl 50 rogues using 0 resists with no mana shield, its still quite lethal.

The tactical possibilities with the allowed spells are quite spectacular and creative as well.

-There are many ways to play this variant also, including FFA, 1v1, 2v2, and the "hunter" variation (needs at least 3 players for this one, but 4 is ideal).

-Halls of the Blind may be played by either low or high level chars.

Below are a couple vidoes I recorded of what the variant looks like, using high level Rogues FFA style: ...