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It is now 2016... - wkd1 - 01-10-2016 02:55 AM

So many great games out there with astounding graphics and wonderful mechanics... why do I still get the urge to play this game? I'm in the process of getting it back up and running and I know it's going to be the same story... I'm going to get a character to level 30 something... beat Diablo once or twice and then go back to playing games that aren't so outdated...

Does anyone struggle with this? The urge to just lose yourself in the Labyrinth underneath Tristram? Why the urge to play -this- incarnation of Diablo... why not Diablo 3? Or 2? Or any of the other Diablo clones out there... why do I want to play this one?

And I guess the most important question of all... does anyone want to start a game up? Lol... should have the game ready to go by tomorrow...

RE: It is now 2016... - FireIceTalon - 01-10-2016 05:09 AM

The answer is very simple my fellow D1'er. It's because D1 is a one-of-a-kind classic, and arguably the greatest RPG ever made, even arguably the best game made period; despite is odd quarks, glitches, and flaws. Once you are bit by the D1 bug, you are infected forever - there is no cure. Of course, some of us suffer it worse than others. My particular condition of the D1 bug is pretty terrible and extreme by most standards.

My chars are all level 50 (maxed their exp like 12 years ago), with basically perfect gear (legit of course), and yet I still play time to time on Mostly I go on there to chat with old friends, but we play a hell/hell co-op or PvP on ocassion still. I suppose I will to some extent as long as bnet is up and running and the game is playable.

Not sure I can really be troubled to make any new chars at this point, but if you get a char into the 30''s or 40's I'd be more than happy to play hell/hell with ya. I've always been one of those players who prefers perfecting his chars (both items and mechanics/skill) and playing the end-game (highest difficulty and PvP action), rather then quitting and starting fresh and new later on.

Outdated or not, this is still the best game of its kind ever, in my eyes. The game is so simple on the surface, mechanically speaking, yet far more complex than most people realize at the same time. D1 isn't just a great game though, its a fucking work of art. Neither D2 nor D3 had the same impact for me as the original.

If I may, you should give this place a visit:

It's a small but solid community of players who still play D1, complete with a forum, chat, and a small app that allows you to upload your chars for all to see along with exp leaderboards.

RE: It is now 2016... - wkd1 - 01-10-2016 04:03 PM

Well, FIT, maybe I will take you up on that. My friend and I always dust this game off every few years and start a new adventure... our last incursion into the Labyrinth was through the Hell Mod... we found it to be obnoxiously difficult...

At this point not sure if we are going to go through the trouble of trying to get Hellfire multiplayer compatible or if we are just going to stick to the Vanilla Diablo experience. I probably will start up some Vanilla characters on my own so if/when I make it into the 30's I'll probably take you up on that offer.

And yes I have utilized tristram before, and now that I think of it I've seen you around years ago, probably even played with you briefly.

RE: It is now 2016... - FireIceTalon - 01-10-2016 09:31 PM

Any names you went by that I might be familiar with? I inhabited the Diablo LE channel in US East for years but it has long been abandoned. There is a little bit of activity here and thre in Diablo Deu-1 on Europe, and Diablo USA-1 on West seems to be picking up recently.