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Play Diablo in HD (like belzebub) over multiplayer - nulatri - 02-24-2015 08:40 AM

Hi guys,
Is there any chance to play Diablo 1 or Hellfire in HD over multiplayer (for example over hamachi and IPX wrapper)?

What I mean HD?
HD mean that camera will be zoomed out like in Belzebub mod (Here) for diablo 1, but this mod is only at single player beta. And according to latest information it seems that this project is already dead.

Do you know about some mod for Diablo 1 or Hellfire which should coresponding to my needs?

Thanks a lot for answers.

RE: Play Diablo in HD (like belzebub) over multiplayer - Belix - 02-26-2015 05:08 AM

At this time, there are no complete projects I am aware of that can run Diablo or Hellfire at high resolutions.

But there are at least two people who might still be trying, so perhaps we'll see it some day.

wheybags is the creator of Freeablo, a new Diablo 1 engine being written from scratch. Last I heard all you can do it in it yet is walk around town and the first few floors of the dungeon. It has a long ways (at least one year as a minimum, and that might be optimistic) to go before you can play a full game in it.

sir.krist is a Diablo enthusiast who recently set out to apply his coding knowledge to create an HD feature for Diablo. I think he may be experimenting with several different approaches to it, from modifying the original game to picking up and continuing other abandoned projects that had progressed towards this achievement. He hasn't come up with anything yet, though.

RE: Play Diablo in HD (like belzebub) over multiplayer - nulatri - 02-26-2015 11:20 AM

Thanks for answer Belix, I am still flying over many forums which are containing a fresh discussion about this juicy HD feature. Because I think that this is the last step to make diablo 1 totaly flawless. Of course your patch have also some place on sun :-)

RE: Play Diablo in HD (like belzebub) over multiplayer - RadTang - 07-12-2015 09:59 AM

It's possible to play multiplayer with Belzebub-like HD. There's a mod named Tschernobog (from the same author). It's focused on multiplayer (coop via LAN / Hamachi).


Edit: forgot to post a download link: (same page as Belzebub)

RE: Play Diablo in HD (like belzebub) over multiplayer - sedrosken - 10-22-2015 12:39 PM

That Freeablo thing made my day. I'm surprised Blizzard has let it live, to be honest. I hope to see it release. It would be a very welcome source replacement (a la Darkplaces for Quake I or GZDoom for Doom) for Diablo as the original executables and their various patches start to get longer and longer in the tooth and harder and harder to run properly on modern systems. I hope that 2038 bug in the level generation is squashed in the final release.