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Hellfire Patch v1.02.A5: Classic HF with less bugs and more polish! - Belix - 12-16-2013 10:35 AM

Hellfire v1.02.A5 - an Unofficial Update for Hellfire

NOTE: This update currently requires Marsh's Unofficial Hellfire Mod v1.02 [download mirrors for it are at the bottom of this post]. I apologize for the couple extra steps you have to take to use v1.02.A5. Instructions for the installation and usage of both Marsh's Mod are contained in the documentation, in both summarized and detailed form. Please review these instructions, as you'll currently have to do a little more than just extract the files into your Hellfire folder! If you're impatient, click here to skip directly to these instructions after you download the update.

Links (all hosted here on the Lounge):

Backup mirror in case Attachment breaks:

Contained herein is my update project for Hellfire. Its simple goal is to make Hellfire better without radically altering it or using any sounds or graphics from any other games. If you're looking for a Hellfire mod that adds new spells, monsters, graphics and so forth, you'll want to look elsewhere and check out stuff like The Hell, or The Dark.

If, however, you enjoy Hellfire largely the way it is, you should appreciate this update. Read on.

What it does:
• Fixes various bugs with the game
• Improves issues that aren't bugs, but are undesirable
• Tweaks a few things for player convenience
• Customizable (if you're comfortable with a text editor)
• 100% Pure Diablo & Hellfire: No audio or graphics from other games will ever be used in this project

• Many combat bugs (blocking, ranged attacks, bow affixes) fixed
• Anything that permanently damaged your character in a way that couldn't be restored (e.g. Max Life, Max Mana) has been fixed or disabled
• Improvements to Multiplayer (shared experience, see others on map)
• Most screechy/loud Hellfire sounds replaced with sounds (sometimes unused extras) from the original game

You can peruse the complete, most up-to-date list of fixes, changes and features included in this project here on the Lurker Lounge at the link at the top of this post. This documentation is also included in the download for your convenience, but may be not be as current as the one here on the website.

The customization aspect of this project is not as simple yet as I would like it to be - the file in each new version will essentially reset any features you turned on or off, and I'd like it if turning said features on or off was even easier than editing a text file to, but I am considering investing a significant amount of time to improve on this in a future version.

I hold my work to high standards and try my best not to break anything in the game. If you encounter a serious issue, please report it! If it is the fault of my work, I will make every effort to issue a fix or updated version ASAP!

I hope that this project makes Hellfire more enjoyable for you.

You may also be interested in...
Another little patch I made for hero graphics issues, such as the Bard flickering between bright and dark when attacking in plate with dual weapons. You can get that over here in this other thread:

(2) working mirrors for Marsh's Unofficial Hellfire v1.02 mod as of 3/19/2016:

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A1 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - qualakon - 12-17-2013 02:41 AM

This is great, awesome to see people still working on this game. How noble of you to respect the work that Marsh put into this as well. That's what I like about the Diablo modding community. I have a theory that people treat others how they want to be treated so I'll be sure to remember this when it's your work that's getting reiterated. It's not cool to claim someone else's work is your own, but sometimes it's someone else's work that gets you interested in the first place.

Mordor has a post where he'll let you pay him $10 and he'll make you any Hellfire mod you want. I started making a list of what I wanted in a mod and you have pretty much checked everything that I think is doable. The only thing missed was the location of the save files, should be unhidden in the game's folder, or better a "saves" folder that's in the game's folder. Two other things are things I've looked into and have deemed impossible. PvPGN support and something similar to the Torch Hack, I don't think either of those are possible in Hellfire but it's always good to ask. The last thing I wanted was to be able to run through all the quests in one game.

I gave it a go and it looks awesome. The opening and menu make it feel like a true Hellfire game. And it's great that you showed what you did in the .dat file. Really handy for those of us starting out. You have a great working knowledge of modding Diablo. Thank you for something new to play with.

Edit: Confirmed to NOT work with The Hell XD

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A1 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - mindtraps - 01-10-2014 01:51 AM

Great work, its a great add-on to marsh's original mod! I've had hellfire since it first came out and knew of the little by-passes then to make some of the disabled features work again. But I have to say with these mods its a great work of art and i'm happy to see people still find ways to make some of the older (much better games in many options) that lack finishing, better!!!

Thank you very much!!!

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A1 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - rlsprite - 01-21-2014 08:26 PM

So.. I have been trying this mod and so far is pretty nice but I have encounter a problem, every time I try to start Lester/Cow quest they tell me I'm already doing the quest and they won't give me the Rune Bomb.
Anyway, I tried everything. Even did a fresh Diablo/Hellfire install and making a new character and the problem persist. The only way around I have found is starting the game without the mod, getting the rune bomb and then keep playing again with the mod on.
The only thing I have modify from cowqueston.dat is "Enable Ending movie" but even if I leave everything on default I still can't get the quest.
I'm playing on VirtualBox WinXp, so compatibility shouldn't be a problem.

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A1 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - Belix - 01-21-2014 09:21 PM

mindtraps - I really appreciate you taking the time to register and leave a compliment, thank you. Smile

rlsprite - Confirmed, thanks for reporting this. This issue is only present in Single Player games when Cain's speeches are disabled. You should be able to prevent this by turning them back on in the .dat file and commenting out the entire Prevent Cain's 'bode well' and 'quite grim' speeches block in the HF: Fixed section.

I thought I had fixed all the problems related to disabling Cain's speeches (such as being unable to get to Lazarus), but apparently I missed that one. Thanks for finding that! I'll have to look into a proper fix for it, or just remove that feature in a future update.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Blush Cain's speeches aren't really bothersome in Single anyway, only in Multi where they get reset every game (but I don't know a way as of yet to disable it in only Multi).

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A1 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - Belix - 01-28-2014 10:51 PM

I updated the main post with corrections for the Rune Bomb issue. I hadn't planned on releasing a new version of this for quite awhile, as there aren't many things left that I'd like to change or know how to change with my current abilities, but since people are using it and the feedback has been positive I'll move it further up my priority list and hope to revisit it sometime this Summer.

Suggestions are welcome, but keep in mind I'm aiming for minimalistic changes. I want to iron out the wrinkles, not change the shirt. Smile

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A1 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - rlsprite - 01-29-2014 12:01 AM

Thanks for the quick reply!
I'm re-downloading the mod. Gonna try to finally finish the game with my Warrior on Hell.
Is amazing, been playing Diablo for many years and haven't been able to finish the game in the highest difficulty using a War!
Anyway, many thanks for your amazing work.

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A2 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod [A2 released!] - Belix - 02-17-2014 09:05 AM

v1.02.A2 has been released! To download it, or review the list of all current changes in effect, please see the first/original post in this thread. Here in this post you're reading now, I will only post a list of what has changed between A1 and A2 for the 21 people who were already using A1.

Important note: Anyone using the Rune Bomb file I uploaded should delete it. Do not apply the Rune Bomb Fix to A2, or it will actually downgrade you back to A1! Thank you.

NEW IN V1.02.A2
Changes related to Marsh's 1.02 and my 1.02.A2:
- Cain: Disabling his speeches no longer interferes with Single Player at all (Lester will now issue Rune Bombs; my mistake)
- Biclops: Now uses appropriate Cleaver swing sound, as intended (this was an omission in V1.02.A1; my mistake)
- Warlord of Blood: Quest now disabled by default in Multiplayer* (Marsh enabled this, but I felt it negatively impacted game randomity)
*You can very easily re-enable it by erasing the 'Disable Warlord of Blood' section near the top of the file.

New features:
- Blood Fountain: Restores 10% of your total Life per click (instead of 1 Life per click, which took forever)
- Purifying Spring: Restores 10% of your total Mana per click

Fix some bad code regarding zeros and negative values:
- AC/To Hit on Items: Negative values on items should stay negative now; no more wrap around.
- Item & Affix Restorations: Due to the above fix, the following items & affixes are restored to defaults:
.....Scavenger Carapace, Harlequin Crest, Celestial Star, Gnarled Root, The Defender, The Deflector
.....Dull, Clumsy, Brass, Tin
- Shrines: No permanent Life/Mana loss when Magic or Vitality are reduced while 0
- Shrines: No longer can your Magic be reduced to a negative value (Barbarians rejoice!)
- Barbarian Magic Restoration: Consequent of the above fixes, Barbarians return to their default of 0 max Magic.*
*Barbarians created in V1.02.A1 will have extra mana; if this bothers you, either make a new one, or PM me to discuss sending your character file so I can fix it. Smile

Fix low Chance To Hit bug for Monsters: (any value over 135% is later reduced by 255% on Hell difficulty)
- Diablo: Chance To Hit now 135% (-85%), to compensate he has Armor Class 100 (+10) and Minimum Damage 37 (+7)
- Na'Krul: Chance To Hit now 135% (-15%), to compensate he has Armor Class 130 (+5)
- Flesh Thing: Chance To Hit now 135% (-15%), to compensate they have Armor Class 75 (+5)

Improve Unique Jewelry:*
Hellfire's Jewelry - will remain inferior to possible Magic jewelry
- Ring of Magma: +60% Resist Fire, +15 Strength (was: +60% Resist Fire, -30% Resist Magic, -30% Resist Lght)
- Ring of the Mystics: +60% Resist Magic, +15 Magic (was: +60% Resist Magic, -30% Resist Fire, -30% Resist Lght)
- Ring of Thunder: +60% Resist Lght, +15 Dexterity (was: +60% Resist Lght, -30% Resist Magic, +60% Resist Fire)
- Acolytes Amulet: +50 Mana, +10% Resist All, Faster Hit Recovery (was: 50% of Base Mana to Life**)
- Gladiator's Ring: +40 Life, +5 To All Attributes, +15% Chance To Hit (was: 40% of Base Life to Mana**)
- Amulet of Warding: +40% Resist All, +4 Armor, -3 Damage, +20 Armor vs Undead*** (was: +40% Res All, -100 Life)
Diablo's Jewelry - the only high level ring could use a slight boost
- Ring of Engagement: 1-3 Damage to Attacker (qlvl1) >>> 5% Chance of 300% Damage (qlvl1) (Melee only)
*Changed uniques retrieved from Gillian's stash will show incorrect stats until you restart, or leave it laying in town and return from a dungeon.
**The Life/Mana trade jewels were buggy and didn't always work.

Although many uniques could use some help, it would be very time consuming to make them all useful relative to their level. For A2, I focused exclusively on jewelry because they represented some of the worst uniques in the game, and because finding Unique jewels a bit more means finding Magic jewels a bit less, which could be far better. Now some of these are good enough that you won't immediately replace them with the first alternative ring or amulet you find - if you ever wore them at all before.

I gave a lot of careful thought to the changes made to the jewelry, and hope everyone will feel they are improvements and not at all unfair, but do remember that if you disagree with them, any or all of these changes can be easily searched and disabled in the .dat file.

Personally, I could care less about the jewelry changes; not having to click fountains 250+ times to restore health and mana was worth all this effort alone, haha. Enjoy!

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A2 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod [A2 released!] - TheHentaiChrist - 02-18-2014 02:26 AM

Hey, I just wanted to stop in and thank you for doing this and pour one out for Marsh.

I've been playing Diablo III and it kinda makes me just want to play Diablo. I had really wanted to play with my girlfriend, but wasn't sure I wanted to mess around with the stuff I'd need to configure to play Hellfire multiplayer. So, it occurred to me that there might be some beautiful modder out there somewhere that was thinking of me.

I have been messing around with 'The Hell' mod but it seems to be a bit too difficult for someone that's completely unfamiliar with the franchise.

It's really great that someone came along to tweak things a bit so we can have something to muckabout with together.

Really, thank you. ^_^

EDIT: So, in trying to get this installed I'm encountering an issue where it asks me to insert the Diablo CD (it's in there?), the error message I get is a problem with reading diabdat.mpq. 'The Hell' mod copies this from the CD somewhere, could this be a conflict between the two or do I need to put Diabdat.mpq somewhere so this mod can find it?

Okay, so I figured that out by reading the PlugUlmo readme (creative problem solving!) It seems to run just fine now, although I'm running into the 'Rainbow Colors' problem?

...maybe I need to be doing something with the compatibility mode...

Will edit soon!

Alright, I've changed the compatability mode of both Hellfire.exe and Loader.exe to XP SP3, 256 Colors and 640x480 Resolution but I'm still getting rainbow. x_x

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A2 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod [A2 released!] - Belix - 02-18-2014 03:29 AM

Hi, and thanks!

I forget by default, Marsh's mod wants the DIABDAT.MPQ file copied into the Hellfire folder from the Diablo CD. I should mention that somewhere since I don't think Marsh did. Good job figuring that out.

As for fixing the color issue, I recommend getting Aqrit's DDraw Wrapper and dropping it into your Diablo and/or Hellfire folder. Slayer_X64 uploaded a copy of it pre-configured for Diablo/Hellfire here:
Slayer_X64 Wrote:Download my modified DDwrapper file here
Or you can get the original version here and edit the .cfg file with a text editor: - just set ColorFix to = 1 instead of 0.

The only other issue I can think of you might run into, is the UDP Mode Marsh included may cause Hellfire to crash on Windows 8, and sometimes it has trouble seeing games to join. Just in case UDP doesn't do the trick for you, check out IPXWrapper 0.4.1 - very easy to use, just drop the four dll files (dpwsockx.dll, ipxwrapper.dll, mswsock.dll, wsock32.dll) into Diablo/Hellfire's folder on all participating computers in your network game, and you should be good to go. It wraps IPX through TCP, so you don't need to configure IPX protocols or anything, just plug and play.

You can get IPX Wrapper here: - scroll down just a bit.

Let me know if you have any other issues.

EDIT: You may want to turn those compatibility settings back off. Other than running loader.exe as an Administrator (for Gillian's stash + my add-on to Marsh's mod to work), everything else should be off (at least on Windows 7) as it might cause more harm than good. Smile

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A2 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod [A2 released!] - TheHentaiChrist - 02-18-2014 03:41 AM

AH HA! Success!

We don't run Windows 8 but I'll bookmark that in case we run into trouble trying to get a multiplayer match operational.

Thanks for the tech support, too. ^_^

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A2 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod [A2 released!] - Belix - 02-18-2014 03:50 AM

You're very welcome, and thank you for reminding me that Marsh's Mod didn't include the color fix - I have now re-uploaded the v1.02.A2 file to include it and save other newcomers the trouble.

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A3 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - Belix - 02-25-2014 07:47 AM

1.02.A2 introduced a couple new bugs of its own, but since this project is aimed at fixing bugs, I wasn't going to let them stick around for very long.

I just updated the upload in the original post to A3, which is purely a bugfix for A2. No awesome new features are added this time, sadly, but the problems warrant a quick update, so please consider downloading it again.

- Spellcasting Failure: An error in my code changes to prevent permanent Life loss at 0 Vitality could stop your spells from working when cast after Vitality was increased through Attribute Points, Shrines or Elixirs. This has been fixed.
- Unintended Life/Mana gain: If your Magic or Vitality was maxed, in some cases it was now possible for the game to incorrectly raise your Life or Mana when it attempted to increase these stats, despite being at their maximum. This has also been fixed (caused, ironically, by the same changes I made to prevent an attribute of 0 from losing stats... funny). Now your Life/Mana should never be incorrectly raised or reduced permanently any more. Should be the end of that old bug for good!

As far as I know, no remaining problems exist that were introduced by my work, but rest assured I will act quickly to fix any problems that are discovered, so please report any issues you come across that I'm responsible for so that I may take care of it. Thank you, and sorry for any frustration the spellcasting failure bug might have caused! Blush

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A3 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - uiduidhu - 02-25-2014 12:36 PM

With Auric Amulet my gold is stacking to 20k. Not that I consider it a problem.

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A3 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - Belix - 02-25-2014 06:38 PM

That's rather amusing! I incorrectly assumed the Auric Amulet set our carrying capacity to 10,000 instead of actually doubling the current value (Diablo/Hellfire seems to prefer setting things, this is why two 5% Mana Stealing weapons don't give 10% Mana Steal, only 5%). I should of checked though.

I suppose it hurts nothing; anyone concerned with increased max gold capacity being a 'cheat' would likely take far more issue with the Gillian Stash feature included by Marsh. But on the off side anyone is unhappy with it, the 10,000 gold pile limit can be disabled/removed in my file, which would return it to its default 5,000 without and 10,000 with Auric.

Not sure whether to leave it or fix it, but since it is harmless, I'll make a note about it for a possible future version. Thanks, uiduidhu. I hope our work has made Hellfire more enjoyable for you. Big Grin

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A3 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - fhansen - 03-05-2014 09:58 PM

I simply can't get the cowquest to work. I've tried removing # in front of the cowquest and many other things. Installed Diablo and Hellfire. Got the V1.00-1.02 mod, the A2 and the A3. It's still the farmer showing. Even tried adding the command.txt, even if it's stated that it's not needed. Running Win 7 64bit. Running hellfire.exe via .bat file which closes Explorer. Can't run Loader.exe since it keeps asking for the CD. Any thougts? Is it correct understood, that I'm just to copy all files to Helfire folder? And files in newer versions should overwrite older version files?

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A3 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - Belix - 03-05-2014 10:13 PM

Hi fhansen,

The 'please insert the Diablo CD' error is thanks to the default configuration of the PlugUlmo.ini file as included in Marsh's Mod. It tells the game to look for the CD data file in the current directory instead of on the actual CD. Reading the data file from the game folder makes the game run better, but you can also revert to reading from the CD if you prefer. Without Loader.exe the changes in the file won't be applied, so you'll have to choose which way you want to go:

To run from your drive/folder: Copy DIABDAT.MPQ off of the Diablo CD (not Hellfire!) into the Hellfire directory where Loader.exe is. You should now be able to run the game and apply the modifications.

To run from the CD: Edit 'PlugUlmo.ini' in the Hellfire directory with a text editor, and change the following two entries:
Disable_CD_protection=YES --> Disable_CD_protection=NO
use_DIABDAT_from_HD=YES --> use_DIABDAT_from_HD=NO

Sorry for the confusion. After using Marsh's mod for so long now I forget other people encounter this puzzle when they first try to use his stuff. I need to add notes about it (EDIT: Done, I noted this problem in the main post), or even consider overriding his default settings so that new users of Marsh's mod have a working experience out of the box and can change to run from the drive later if they want.

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A3 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - fhansen - 03-05-2014 10:51 PM

Thankz Belix. That made it work. Will this also make need of CD unecessarry?

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A3 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - fhansen - 03-05-2014 11:41 PM

Never mind. Tried it out myself. Works like a charm. Thankz for the quick reply Belix.

RE: Hellfire v1.02.A3 - an Unofficial Update for Marsh's mod - qualakon - 03-28-2014 08:27 PM

Do you think it's possible to change Gillian's location so that she's at the house near the portal location? I've changed the .dun files for the town such that Adria's house is where Gillian is much like how the Hell has it. I prefer this way so that I don't have to walk a mile to sell a book or staff. If I provided the graphics, could you do the programming in the next version? Also when are you going to make your own exe with all these changes?

blank_name has posted on Khanduras yet another method for colour fix:

It includes the source to make it easier, however it can also be loaded with Ulmo's loader.

Edit: I've uploaded the town data files to :